Veterinary Laboratory Services

Vet Lab

Laboratory Services

Similar to the hospital or doctor you and your family go to, veterinary hospitals also call for advanced equipment, relationships with specialists, and diagnostic laboratories. With our modern facility and diagnostic laboratory partnerships we have the equipment and knowledge to provide a variety of laboratory services.

We provide both in-house laboratory services and partner with Antech Diagnostics to provide a full range of diagnostic testing for any pet’s needs. We are pleased to offer annual wellness panels that include testing fecal samples for parasites, heartworm and tick-born disease screening, urinalysis, blood chemistry, and complete blood counts. These panels are a great way to check in with your pet’s internal organ function yearly as a preventative measure.

With veterinarians proficient in cytology and mass aspiration analysis we are often able to provide you with results during your appointment. For more complex testing we receive our results within 24 hours, and often within 12 hours. We value our relationship with our clients, and our dedicated team personally call owners back to inform them of results, even if there are no issues to report. We take pride in working with you to determine the necessary tests, explain the results, and map out the next steps in your pets total care and protection.

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