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  • Periodontal disease affects more than 80% of dogs and nearly 70% of cats by the time they reach the age of three years old. While periodontal disease is common in companion animals, routine preventative dental cleanings and at home management can help keep dental disease at bay.

Dog Teeth Cleaning - Winnetka Animal Hospital - Winnetka ILWinnetka Animal Hospital is happy to offer a full range of veterinary dental services. Preventative care and education are our top priority. Our veterinarians are trained to show you how to brush, what to pay to attention to, and strategies to make at home dental care a stress-free experience for you and your pet. Working together with our team will have your pet accustomed to at-home dental care in no time.

Most pets will need to have their teeth cleaned professionally under anesthesia during their lives. We are able to perform full dental procedures including full mouth digital dental radiographs, professional scaling and polishing of teeth, fluoride treatments, and surgical extractions of diseased teeth, if necessary. Our dental radiograph system allows us to visualize each tooth above and below the gum line. Through these radiographs our team can determine the level of periodontal disease and if any extractions of diseased teeth are necessary.

Preventative dental care starts at home. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Bad breath
  • Pet stops eating or is hesitant to play with their normal toys
  • Pet is chewing only with one side of their mouth
  • Pet whimpers, whines, or paws at their face
  • Excessive salivation, or blood in the saliva
  • Other behavioral changes.


If you notice any of these dental warning signs, bring your pet in to Winnetka Animal Hospital for an oral health evaluation. To schedule your appointment, please call (847) 441-7474.

Dog Teeth Cleaning - Winnetka Animal Hospital - Winnetka IL

Geriatric Veterinary Care

Through advancements in nutrition, veterinary care, and education, the lifespan of our pets has increased over time. With more pets living longer lives, pet owners should consider the necessary geriatric health programs to ensure these older years are as healthy and comfortable for our pets as their younger years.

As your pet ages, its body will go through changes. Some of these changes may include a decrease in metabolism, changes to their immune system, changes to their endocrine system, and more. While these are normal changes that take place as our pet’s age, Winnetka Animal Hospital will help you develop a geriatric health plan that is tailored to your pets specific needs.

We believe that owner education is a cornerstone in providing geriatric healthcare for our patients. Through owner education we partner with our clients to develop appropriate strategies for managing nutrition, environment, behavior, and medical care. Owner education can lead to early detection and intervention with some of the diseases most commonly related to aging. Let Winnetka Animal Hospital work with you to ensure your pet is comfortable and pain free in their golden years.

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